Daily Roundup Contains News of Fusionex


Fusionex has been mentioned in MarsTechSeries’s Daily Roundup recently. In this article, let us learn what this means for their company. Let us learn more about MarsTechSeries and Daily Roundup as well.

About MarsTechSeries and Daily Roundup

MarsTechSeries is an American online news platform that started in 2016. While its headquarters are in California, they cover various stories from companies all around the globe. Their focus is specifically on Marketing Technology. They have amassed a number of their 

Meanwhile, Daily Roundup is a summary of the most prominent events in terms of Marketing Technology within a day. There are around ten or so articles mentioned with a summary for each. Doing this will help its readers get a grasp of a day’s events quickly.

Who is Fusionex

The other company we will be talking about in this article is Fusionex. It was established in London in 2006 by Ivan Teh, a Malaysian entrepreneur. Since then, they were able to expand to multiple branches across the world and become one of the world’s giants in data technology. They are also well recognized by groups such as Forbes and The New York Times.

Writeup for Fusionex

Dated last April 9, Fusionex was one of the companies featured on MarsTechSeries. The report mentioned that they got into a multi-year agreement with a client. Said client, according to the article, wanted their help to improve how they do their business. Their portfolio includes a hypermarket chain that has aged a decade and a financial services group with 300 international subsidiaries and companies.

They also explained how said client would ask Fusionex for help to help them learn more from the data they gathered over the years. After learning what their data tells them, the client will make use of their reports to create unique ideas to serve customers better. One way they will do with their expertise is to create targeted and shopping engagement campaigns.

In this article, we have learned that MarsTechSeries’ mention of Fusionex in their Daily Roundup would help both sides in various ways. First, they would be able to give recognition to the company. Second, more businesses, both old and new, will be inspired to follow in their footsteps. Finally, it would convince more companies to write under MarsTechSeries and create cooperations with Fusionex.