Have A Writing Skill And Like To Write For Us?

The blog site we own is still accepting for guest blog writers. Our blog in the travel niche already has lots of content as what you can see. Nevertheless, we are still hunting for fresh contents. You may call us in case you have a site whose niche is similar to ours. We can get your contents posted in our blog site and achieved your targeted audience.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics

* Hotels
*  Outdoor Adventure
* Outdoor hobbies
*  Travel to specific countries such as USA and Canada
*  Tourism
*  Restaurants
*  Tourist attractions
*  Flights
*  Car Hire
*  Travel insurance

There are several ways in advertising ones website and guest blogging is one of them. Well written contents shared on different blog platform can enhance additional exposure of your site. The audience of the blog site where you published your content can become your direct traffic too. They often also post the content on social media which drives even more traffic. The search engines like it when websites link to each other too, so having more links from sites like this one will give you a boost in the search engines and assist you drive more organic traffic. Your website’s theme of contents must be similar to the contents you published as blog. If the niche of your website is in the travel niche, then post content as guest blogger on the same niche as yours. It’s not good to post your content on real estate blog because there’s a high possibility search engine may penalize your website causing the low ranking in the SERP. You also wish to submit content to our site that has photos and maybe even relevant video content. Your guest post will be spotted by search engines and undoubtedly they will like your content.


We are continually looking for writers to write for us. You can post your written content or you may ask somebody you know to write the content based on your needs. I Need Articles is one of the sites providing content writing services at an affordable cost.


We’ll send to you the blogging rules after you contact us making use of our form. You can then start now submitting your contents. Content that you ought to submit to us have word count of 750 and double checked for good quality standards. As a guest author, you’ve got the option to be featured in our blog, call us if you want to be featured too.