3 Mistakes One Should Avoid When Applying For A Visa Canada


When it comes to getting a visa Canada is not very forgiving when people make mistakes during the application process. If you want to avoid being denied, it would be in your best interest to avoid doing any of the following:

Incomplete Forms

Imagine filling out your visa Canada application and having it denied because it was not fully complete. Leaving out an answer does not warrant a second chance to fix things; you are automatically rejected. Before you submit yours, make sure that nothing is missing. Make sure that your signature is present. This is one part of the form that is forgotten quite often.

Failing To Show Ties To Your Country

When you are approved for a visa, this is done with the consideration that you will follow the law and return home once your departure date has arrived. One way to show that this is what you plan to do is to offer evidence that you have string ties to your country. Examples would be house deeds, letters from professors and anything that may show that returning would be in your best interest.

Using A Representative Who Is Unauthorized

While you are not required to have someone represent you when applying for a visa, some people look for legal counsel to assist. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you find someone who has authorization from the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regularity Council (ICCRC). Having someone intervene who does not means that you will not be allowed to continue the application process.

Whether you are visiting Canada to explore a bit or visit someone that you know, it will be necessary to apply for a visa. Instead of taking a chance and having your application denied, you should avoid doing anything that was mentioned above.