Quebec Winter Festival

Winter may seem like a gloomy season for many people, but that is not the case in Quebec. Also known as “Carnaval de Quebec,” the winter festival is an annual event that has been going on since the late 1950s. While most locals in the province speak in French, many are willing to talk in English for tourists who engage in the festivities. Make sure to acquire a kanada visum to visit Quebec during the winter festival. This is also an opportunity for you to explore Old Quebec and try a variety of local cuisines.

Below are highlights of the Quebec winter carnival:

Dog Sled Races, Parades, and Sleigh Rides. Every festival has a parade of its own, but not a lot of people get to experience one when snow falls from the sky. You should watch the parades at night for that cold but cozy and pleasant experience. If you have only seen a dog sled race in the movies, then this is your chance to watch one live and in person. You can also watch canoe races over at St. Laurence River. If you are with children, then take them on a sleigh ride through the snow.

Festival Games and Ice Skating. No winter carnival is complete without playing with snow. There are plenty of attractions and rides for the family such as the Ferris wheel and other attractions by the fairgrounds. Snow rafting and ice skating are both enjoyable and thrilling activities in the winter festival as well. Human foosball is a game of foosball but with real people as the pieces.

Snow Sculptors and their Creations. What’s a winter carnival without a snowman? During the festival, you may come across a snow statue that was meticulously formed by someone else. You may also come across a bunch of people who are building snow forts and castles. You should join in the fun and let out your inner artist in you.

Speaking of snow castles, Quebec has its ice palace. Tourists can go in and out of the ice palace within the duration of the winter carnival. It is a remarkable place for taking pictures as a souvenir photo of your winter carnival experience.